Exhibition Lighting Services

Unparalleled experience in safely providing just the right light.
  • Creating pleasing brightness perceptions for light sensitive objects at conservation light levels.
  • Supporting institutions with collection reinstallations, permanent exhibitions, and special exhibitions.
  • Collaborating with curators, conservators, and exhibit designers to find solutions with long-term value.
  • Providing on-site supervision and support for the final equipment installation, aim, focus, and level setting.
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Featured Permanent Exhibitions

National Mississippi Museum & Aquarium

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Draper Museum of Natural History

History Center Colorado

New Mexico History Museum

Recent Special Exhibitions at the Denver Art Museum

The Western: An Epic in Art and Film (2017)

Star Wars and the Power of Costume (2016)

Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century (2015)

Steven Hefferan, IALD


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Steve has been thinking about where to put a light fixture to provide a revealing highlight or cast just the right shadow for quite a while.  Early training in stage lighting provided the foundation for conceiving of luminous environments as a combination of viewer adaptation, light angle, color, intensity, and beam which can then be subtly employed to create a desired mood and atmosphere.  Ever since, he has integrated this experience with a deep knowledge of visual perception, daylighting design, and institutional facility needs to safely illuminate many of the country’s most precious artworks and artifacts.  Creating pleasing brightness perceptions for viewers at the very low allowable light levels required for object preservation is the primary visual challenge for museums today – a concern only hightened with the adoption of LED light sources.  Work with an expert who enjoys the hands-on experience of sculpting perceptions with the final focus.

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